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Photo Album Creator  v.1.0

This is a Java project which generates an HTML photo album, using pictures organized into a folder heirarchy as input.

Atomic Photo Album  v.4

Atomic Photo Album (APA) is a PHP/MySQL photo album with the following features : unlimited number of albums and photos, users and comments, automatically add and remove photos, thumbnail support, multilanguage and themes.

Self-Organizing Photo Album  v.1.0

Self-Organizing Photo Album is an application that automatically organizes your collection of pictures primarily based on the location where the pictures were taken, at what event, time etc.

Web Photo Report  v.1.0

Web Photo Report is a online content manager for manage and publish reports your travels, walks, climbing, with its photos. Written in PHP, it's easy to install. It offers features like statistics, themes, guestbook and RSS Feed.

Web Photo Reporter  v.1.0

Manage and publish your travels, walks, climbing, with its photos...became a Web Photo Reporter... This LAMP is easy to install, configure and offers features like statistics, themes personalization, guestbook, RSS Feed.

Photilla Photo Album Software  v.1.00

Import and organize your digital photos.

Web Photo Publisher  v.0.4

Publish pictures from your digital camera to the web with this easy to use wizard-style Java application. Automatically resizes your images and produces a set of HTML pages including index pages with thumbnails, and detail/caption pages for each.

WebImage Photo Album for CD-ROMs or Web  v.2.2

The solution for portable photo image albums. Ideal for burning onto CD-ROM or posting to static HTML web

Mirage Photo Album  v.1.0

A photo gallery that only uses javascript for viewing. No backend scripting language is used; instead, a python script is run on a collection of photos outputting an album in a directory which is dropped into any web server to be served as static content

Yet Another PHP Photo Album  v.1.7

An easy to use online photo gallery. Creates any needed thumbnails for the user on the fly, adding pictures to your existing gallery is as easy as FTP'ing to the album directory. Creating albums is as easy as creating a directory. Requires PHP4 and

Yet another php photo album-next gener.  v.232

yappa-ng is a powerful php online photo gallery with easy webbased setup and no MySQL. Comfortable album-admin interface, automatic thumbnails and image resizing, multilingual, passwords, hit counters, image captions, themes, SlideShows, Top

Frank's PhP Photo Album  v.1.0

Simple photo almbum creating thumbnails from original pictures on the fly.Pictures are displayed in a table and are clickable to see the original

PAM -- Photo Album Manager  v.1.0

PAM project provide a GUI application to manage numerical photographs into albums. It includes album viewers and sorters by kind.

Merry Photo Album  v.0.0.2

A simple, light-weight file-based PHP image

DAlbum - personal PHP photo album  v.136.101

PHP image and video gallery script. Simple, secure, and completely customizable. Does NOT require MySQL. Automatic image resizing and thumbnail creation. Multi-language user interface. Supports session-based and basic HTTP

PHPix3: Photo Album  v.3.0.3

PHPix3 is the evolution of PHPix2. It generates thumbnails and scales images automatically. Customizeable style sheets and text descriptions of albums and pictures can be

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